The Engineering work being done at SudoTechs is focused on developing solutions to solve, enrich and produce the tools and technologies of tomorrow making them more accessible and usable by everyone.


Terry is the robotic solution for all your domestic needs from marketing and advertising in a metropolitan environment to tour guiding in museums and monumental environments, Terry is built with the goal of covering a wide variety of technically demanding solutions without giving that mechanical robotic vibe and as such the outer look was designed as fun looking robots that is liked by both kids and adults alike, Terry was designed to provide a seamless user experience via a variety of human interaction systems as to allow for a easy transition of information between man and machine

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  (UAVs)

Drones: Engineering designed to achieve the best use of the structure for weight-balance distribution, alongside with the Mechanical and Power design to fly the most and consume the least.
Autopilot: An autopilot system is developed to enable a flock of drones to move synchronously without human control to move from a point to a point.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

UGV operates without an onboard human presence. it can be used for many applications where it may be inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible to have a human operator present.Based on its application, UGVs will generally include the following components: platform, sensors, control systems, guidance interface, communication links, and systems integration features.


Simulators were mainly developed for entertainingraining applications, we are integrating our simulators with VR systems so the user can enjoy the full experience. Some examples are shooting simulators, Car race simulators, Parachuting simulators...

Robotic Arms

Robotic Arms are now indispensable in many industrial, Education and Entertainment Applications, SudoTechs is in heavy development of robotic arm solutions to fit in different environments or applications with the goal of breaking the barrier between everyday users and high end robotic applications.The end effector, or robotic hand, can be custom designed to fit any application or task such as welding, gripping, painting etc., and many more applications.

3D Printers

The ability to quickly and efficiently manufacture parts and prototype new concepts is indispensable to any creative development process and as such SudoTechs developed an easy and reliable approach to FDM 3D Printing with a wide variety of materials ranging from modeling plastics to industrial grade thermo polymers so that you can print just about anything you want.

CNC Gantry Router

The Manufacturing and Production of large scale items was always a daunting task that required skill and patience, The CNC Gantry Router is a tool specially designed to scale the prototyping and production process seamlessly by providing high reliability and repeatable accuracy via quality components and rigid construction while maintaining an easy to use system.

Vertical Machining Center

The VMC is the key production tool to any precision engineering shop where through taking the traditional milling machine and all its machining versatility combining it with precision CNC Systems equates a machining center that is Fast, Accurate and Reliable no task is to daunting and no materials is out of reach with The VMC.

Horizontal Turning Center

The HTC is a new spin on of the oldest machine tools in exectance the Lathe where the lathe was used for producing perfectly concentric parts via a variety of operations such as Turning, Boring, Threading and Drilling to name a few it required a skilled operator but by integrating CNC Control units the operation of such a machine is as easy as pressing start.