SudoTechs designed mainly to break down the technical barriers to innovation, so we are not only doing native engineering R&D but also transferring our knowledge and experiences to others through different services ranging from technical facilitation to direct mentoring and consultation and technical oriented educational programs.


We are designing educational models for the sake of educating talents to get placed in the R&D style based projects development, whether for SudoTechs itself, or for enriching the market with fresh, well educated and trained talents. Our programs varies from long-term based diplomas, short-term based workshops or technical sessions, all in our fields in expertise. The educational programs are mainly introduced for public through partners, or through in-house selective internships

Mentoring & Consultation

Through our experienced technical consultants & engineers, we are delivering direct mentoring & consultation services mainly to incubators/accelerators since we have seen many technical startups crash because the lack of technical experience or the weakness of their -to market- technical strategy. Our support is presented in the shape of direct mentoring, and technical consultancy in the fields of Industrial (Product) design, Mechanical (Machine) design, Electronics design, Embedded dev, Software dev, and Fabrication & Prototyping


A successful technical ecosystem always has high-tech laboratories, production lines… So we are helping with such thing through providing technical facilitation whether by designing such labs or lines, or even by installing them and training the staff to operate them successfully.